Student Life

 ”No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness, generosity hidden in the soul of a child, the effort of every true education should be to unlock this treasure”

Educational Programs:

The school has implemented this year two main educational programs for purely learning support purposes in addition to extra- curricular activities that support learning but are not considered a learning program by themselves…

1.A learning support program for student who have certain academic gaps in English, Maths and Arabic language ( 2nd Term).
•The program was implemented once per week for each subject for two months.
•Teachers planned for a teaching material that matches their students’ needs in collaboration with other colleagues in the department and with coordinators.
•This program was meant to support students academically and psychologically in order to give them more confidence in their abilities.
•After the 2 months period, the program was evaluated by the school leaders and the teachers involved.
•A decision has been made to involve this group of students in an English language program to foster their language skills which will aid them in Maths, science, social studies as well as in English.
•As a part of this program and a complimentary procedure all teacher starting preparing additional worksheets to support their students’ diverse needs with a material that matches their abilities and helps them challenge themselves and consolidate learning in class.
•Parents were encouraged to enroll their children in
an intensive learning support program for English language.

2.An ESL support program (ACE IT!!) is implemented during the third term by an outside provider ( sylvan learning ).
•This program is done over 10 weeks ( 30 hours).
•All Students had a diagnostic test prior placement.
•The school sent the results of the diagnostic test to all parents and a special recommendation for about 45 students to encourage parents to enroll their children in this program.
•The course of study includes speaking, reading and writing skills.
•The course has a specific learning reinforcement strategy which motivates students to earn more points and to participate more and be more confident.
•Some staff members join in for supervision as well as support while teachers form the center are teaching the students.
•The 10th week shall have a post study exam to assess progress of all participants.

3.Other learning support program are conducted as fun learning clubs for all the other subjects were students learn a language, or a subject relevant skill while enjoying the fun activities.

The school has an ASA (after school activities) for this purpose. Many subjects’ related activities were designed and implemented to support learning and encourage performance in different areas as separate activities and different occasions:
Cultural and national events, Qur’an competition, Arabic language competition.

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