Exam Schedule & Study Guides

Subject: Term 2 Summative Assessments (2017-2018)  

Term 2 summative assessments will be conducted on week (13th May-17th May). We have posted the exams schedule along with the study lists for the 4 main subjects (Arabic, English, Maths & Science)

As for the secondary subjects (Islamic, Qatari History, French, Social Studies & ICT), Formative assessments will be continuous on the weeks afte r  the  fin als  where  studen ts’   presence in school is mandatory. Scores on these subjects will be based  on ongoing tasks during class.

Find below a brief explanation about exams procedures and preparations:

  1. Make sure that you have received the  exam schedule & the study lists  either on line or a hard
  2. Students will be revising with their subject teachers during the week (6th-10th May) through revision booklets.
  3. Punctuality in attendance is very important. Your children will be sitting for their Summative Assessments on the very first period of every day based on the schedule so tardiness is not allowed where no child will be entitled for time extension unless the parent is present to explain the valid reason.

ImportantAbsence during exams will only be excused for medical reasons.

  1. Make sure that your child has a pencil case that includes: pencils, colouring pencils, eraser, ruler (long ruler for all year levels to be used during Math exam), and protractor (Year 3till 6 only), calculator (only for Year 6).
  2. Provide your child with a  water bottle as it is allowed for all the students to drink water during exa


We wish your children the best of luck

For further queries you may always contact us.


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