Science Curriculum

Science Curriculum

Science Curriculum

Our Science curriculum covers a wide variety of topics in four different strands based on Cambridge international standards:

  • Living things
  • Energy and forces
  • Materials
  • Environmental awareness and care.

This curriculum integrates both content knowledge and skills.

Scientific Skills

  • Working scientifically –learning by investigating is at the heart of the Science Curriculum. Children are encouraged to work as scientists as they investigate and explore their physical and natural surroundings. These first-hand experiences help them to find answers to problems themselves by exploring their own environment. The curriculum supports children in developing skills of enquiry during this investigative work: observing, asking questions, suggesting explanations and predicting outcomes or drawing conclusions.


  • Designing and making. This aspect of the curriculum provides children with opportunities to apply scientific ideas to everyday situations and problems. The children are challenged to explore, plan and make models and functional objects in order to solve practical problems. Designing and making simple magnetic games, floating vessels, telescopes, containers for specific purposes, electrical circuits and so on develop children’s awareness of the value of technology in their lives.