Foundation Stage (F.S.)

Kindergarten / Foundation Program

Foundation Stage

Is following a new curriculum that will inspire and encourage the children to learn in an effective and fun way.

This new curriculum is called ‘The Foundation Stage Curriculum’ and will develop the children’s learning and understanding in the following areas.

Creative development- Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. Being creative enables children to make connections between one area of includes art, music, dance, role play and imaginative play.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Successful personal, social and emotional development is critical for very young children in all aspects of their lives and gives them the best opportunity for success in all other areas of learning.

Communication, Language and Literacy

Communication, language and literacy depend on learning and being competent in a number of key skills, together with having the confidence, opportunity, encouragement, support and disposition to use them. This area of learning includes communication, speaking and listening in different situations and for different purposes, being read a wide range of books and reading simple texts and writing for a variety of purposes.

Mathematical Development

Mathematical development depends on becoming confident and competent in learning and using key skills. This area of learning includes counting, sorting, matching, seeking patterns, making connections, recognizing relationships and working with numbers, shapes, space and measures. Mathematical understanding should be developed through stories, songs, games and imaginative play, so that children enjoy using and experimenting with numbers, including numbers larger than 10.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

In this area of learning, children are developing the crucial knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world. This forms the foundation for later work in science, design and technology, history, geography, and information and communication technology (ICT).

Physical Development

Physical development in the foundation stage is about improving skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement. Physical development has two other very important aspects. It helps children gain confidence in what they can do and enables them to feel the positive benefits of being healthy and active.


The intention of teaching young children important basic elements of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme such as oral segmenting and blending of familiar words.