Arts curriculum will be formally offered to all students in year one through six. Currently, the school provides Arts implicitly and explicitly as it is embedded with in other subjects.

The Arts activities teach students to use their sense and imagination in different contexts across the following areas: drawing, paint and color, print, clay, construction, fabric and fiber.

Through these areas, children explore the following seven visual elements when making, looking at, and responding to art: line, shape, form, colour and tone, pattern and rhythm, texture and spatial organization.

These activities are embedded in most other subjects for fun, engagement and motivation.

The Visual arts curriculum Sept 2015 will emphasize three starting points for the child’s art activities:
* Self – exploration & experience
* Creative self- expression
* Observation of surrounding

Children will be encouraged to explore and observe a large amount of art works, respond to them and discuss them with colleagues and teacher.

We believe that this positive discussion will draws the child’s attention to Artistic elements so he/she starts to interact with them and to produce his/her own reflection of Arts.