AMIS Curriculum



Our school offers a rich curriculum that teaches students an internationally and widely recognized set of skills and concepts for all year levels from age 3-11.

Our curriculum meets the standards recommended by international schools as well as the requirements and expectations of the state of Qatar for private international school.

Curriculum leaders and teachers work on integrating school mission and values into everyday school life in a fun and challenging way.

All subjects and curriculum areas are committed to meeting our “Learning Outcomes”:
 Effective communicators.
 Critical thinkers.
 Problem solvers and decision makers.
 Reflective and self- directed learners.
 Environmentally responsible citizens.
 Technologically inspired and oriented.
 Respectful and appreciative to all cultures and individuals.
 Physically educated.
 Arts inspired.
 Competent readers and writers.

We are currently accredited by Cambridge for English, Maths and Science and the school teaches an integrated set of British Curricula , mainly English, Maths, and Science that have been in place since the school started in September 2008.

As a school serving a diverse community of learners who belong to 25 different nationality, our ultimate target is to prepare our students for life and for a rapidly changing learning and technological environment where the best adaptation would be the ability of the learner to adjust and interact as well as to read, evaluate and make decisions.

All subject areas are enhanced and enriched by a variety of extracurricular activities and excursions that help the learners benefit from the prosperous opportunities available in Qatar, and create the kind of motivation towards learning that we are looking for.


المزيد عن القسم الأدبى و اللغة العربية