Age Placement Guide

Age Placement Guide

Age Placement Guide

Placement in all classes will be made by the head of admission, assessment coordinator ,Subjects coordinator in coordination with the school Principal, on the basis of the student’s age, his/her previous academic and behavioral record, and his/her performance on the admission assessment.

Accepted students will be placed in a year group according to their age, not younger than three years old for Foundation 1 and not older than twelve for year 6.


Key Stage Age on Entry Year Group

Foundation Stage

3 Years  (31st  December)

Maximum 5 Years

Foundation Stage 1

4 Years (31st  December)

Maximum 6 Years

Foundation Stage 2

Lower Elementary

5 Years  (31st December)

Maximum 7 Years

Year 1

6 Years (31st December)

Maximum 8 Years

Year 2

Upper Elementary

7 Years  (31st December)

Maximum 9 Years

Year 3

8 Years  (31st December)

Maximum 10 Years

Year 4

9 Years  (31st December)

Maximum 11 Years

Year 5

10 Years (31st December)

Maximum 12 Years

Year 6