About Al Mahd International School

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

Teaching & Learning Philosophy

We believe that it is our responsibility to create a positive learning environment and a differentiated learning curriculum that challenges each learner to the maximum of his potentials. Every child has the right to learn and grow regardless of his abilities, background, race, ethnicity, language, or gender. Our curriculum is designed to meet our school’s goals and to cater for the different learning styles, preferences and needs of our students. Teachers are responsible for stretching the child’s cognitive abilities to “the zone of proximal development “on daily basis ( Vygotsky, 1978 ).

Lessons are learning opportunities where a child can be exposed to new or previously learned concepts, and gets the opportunity to explore his learning and enhance his skills in different learning areas. The school’s responsibility is to cherish and cultivate the child’s wellbeing holistically; linguistically, mathematically, artistically, physically, morally and musically.

Social learning is an essential aspect of a child’s development; hence, the school places a great emphasis on managing the school and the classroom social environment. Well established and managed routines lead to an organized teaching and learning route and rich learning outcomes.

Our school is a learning driven school that is learner and teacher centered. Efforts and time of all school leaders, administrators and support staff are utilized in promoting children’s over all skills and knowledge, supporting teachers, and responding to parents and community. Our core value is improving students’ learning and developing their characters as respectful individuals and international citizens.