About Al Mahd International School

Guiding Statement

Our Vision

Aspiring learners with an open mind and a multicultural perspective.

Our Mission Statement

Is to provide our learners with a challenging comprehensive curriculum that will help them be successful learners and productive global citizens in a rapidly changing world.
We believe that children learn best in a safe, supportive and challenging environment where every child can meet his year group targets and learn how to contribute to his group in a positive manner.
Each student at our school is a valued member regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or background.
Our qualified staff members are active contributors to the school community and they work consistently to secure an organized safe and equitable environment.
We are dedicated to our school parents and Board members and to the international community of Qatar.

Our Values


Learners Attributes

Aspiring Minds
Motivated Learners
International Citizens
Self–directed Individuals

Learners Outcomes

Our pupils will strongly demonstrate the following attributes:

Effective communicators,
Critical thinkers,
Problem solvers and decision makers,
Reflective and self- directed learners,
Environmentally responsible citizens,
Technologically inspired and oriented,
Respectful and appreciative to all cultures and individuals,
Physically educated,
Arts inspired,
Competent readers and writers.