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would like to welcome you to this website and to our campus. Al Mahd International School offers a unique opportunity to each student who enters our gates. Our enthusiastic teachers create a positive school culture that acknowledge and motivate students to achieve at the highest level they are capable of.  Our school vision of aspiring learners with an open mind and a multi-cultural perspective is relevant and attainable in a school that embraces diversity with teachers and students from all over the world.

Our effective and caring teachers help the students to reach our defined learning outcomes both academically and emotionally. We encourage staff, students and parents to share our universally applicable and relevant school values enabling the students to be impressively ready to adjust to today’s global environment.

You will notice that we try to ensure students are not only motivated but also happy using positive reinforcement as a skill to motivate appropriate behaviour. A contented student in a stable environment is more likely to reach their goals, be self-motivated and academically successful. The school environment is supported by the dedication of parents who are involved in the education of the child and connected to our school life.

If you are not already a parent, please accept a personal invitation to visit our friendly administration staff who will answer any questions you may have and introduce you to the principal,

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  • Aspiring learners with an open mind and a multicultural perspective


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